Why I Haven’t Been Uploading


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    This took way too long...
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      Mr beast is a legend dat soooo hard bro and he relley love his fans

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      Jimmy...u r so good💖Nd only u can do this

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      3:29 were you ever having fun?

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      Salute to this Beast

    8. MrBeast Universe

      MrBeast’s manager: we should drop merch so people buy it and we make money MrBeast: when other creators drop merch they get money? His Manager: Yes MrBeast: what we other NLnamers? Im gonna torture myself by selling merch

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      Wow actually who would’ve thought that MrBeast is an actual beast

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      Me: erm someone called jimmy a nerd in the comments “subscribe plz” - Them: *realizes his name is jimmy*

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      Me: It isn’t my fault fought it was a good ieda

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      1:45 Jimmy: *Smiles* Put a ding when I smile Editor: No U Haha lol🤣🤣😆

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      my sisters suck at everything

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      4:34 geometry dash :0

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      Thats me every time I write a esay😸😸

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      Imagine getting the FIRST shirt mr beast signed

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      Good job

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      Oh gad poor ting MN🤣

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      You are so sweat

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      Can we talk about we have a liget angle on earth

    77. Everest Smith

      MrBeast: complains about signing shirts Also MrBeast: drew a flower on mine….?

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      He is very Honest

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      What’s your biggest fear Death Spiders The dark MrBeast: Shirts

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      2:48 now it's a giant rectangle

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      He could easily print his signature on the shirt but instead he thought to sign them all on his own. That's called real dedication. I love you mr. Beast ❤️❤️

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      Felt sorry for you Jimmy, 🥺 so I subscribed

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      I got one of these and it had a smiley face on it

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      I thought this was going to be sad.. turns out he was signing t shirts for an eternity. Nothing to worry about people.

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      Mine didn’t get signed 😔 but they game my mum a refund so it’s ok