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76 mln. weergaven39 000

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    1. MrBeast

      Subscribe right now and you might be picked to be in my next video! (its epic)

      1. Ariel Salavedra


      2. 1.0M

        @Anubonek calm

      3. Anil

        Can you buy me a Raspberry Pi 4 Please 🥲

      4. Tomaz Freser

        COME TO SLOVENIA! 10 K CAN change ppls life here:)

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        Mr beast çok seviyorum ben sağır Ankara türkiye 🇹🇷❤

    2. mahateja roastpad

      come to india

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      Mr beast

    4. เราขอดูอีก

      Fc laos

    5. Abdullah Hafeez

      I NEED CAR

    6. Muhammad Azri

      Wow I hope I have the gaming set 😔

    7. Alexander Nartey

      Mr beast has a good heart

    8. Saafir

      I'm so jealous Lol

    9. RS11ISBEST

      can u do that to me and give me free stuff i subbed onn all ur accounts and watch all your videos and liked them

    10. Kabrodzkie Vlogs

      Im from philippines My name is Leo Santos im one of a poor people here in my country.i need you help please.

    11. IXZUAN

      Can i join🤣

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    13. aadhii


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      9:52 is he bleeding from his hand 😧

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      Wait i already subcribe

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      i have subscribed

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      We love mr beast

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      jordan so lucky

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    21. თაზო თაზო🇬🇪

      Let me cry🤧

    22. J

      @mrbeast hi

    23. Jorge Moreira

      Wow, best wishes!!!

    24. sorush ghasemi

      Im dont what can i do

    25. Luz Bolanos

      9:57 mitch his hands are bloody

    26. badr gharbi

      تبالك جي مغرب

    27. badr gharbi

      تبالك جي مغرب


      Ojala alguna ves me gustaria tener alguna ves esas oportunidades


      Holy crap

    30. Cole Wilson

      That was awesome

    31. H4ZARD8US

      Mrbeast: “We only bought expens- **sees a PS4** WHAT?!”

    32. Muthulakshmi Puppy

      Mrbeast you are a god I am in india I am watching your videos for 3 years

    33. FMN

      I would buy the shop if possible



    35. Pradeep Kumar Pradhan

      This really brought a smile on my face

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    37. antonio

      Avvicina d'euronics ca narraggiunamu

    38. Edonis Mustafa

      9:53 i think his hands are bleeding

    39. Hussain Badran

      Is it actually possible to be picked even if I leave outside of the US. Mr beast great work

    40. Musa Khan

      you guys are the best I love you

    41. Sami Butuc


    42. Nano Chipz

      its just a prank 🤣🤣🤣

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      Mrbeast is good

    44. Rifat Hossain

      Ohh man i really love yours Work. I fuss My mind 💕

    45. Sea Goat 65

      I so wish youtubers would do this in Australia 😎👍

    46. Alter Alibuga

      Mr beast im your fan from Philippines and its my birthday

    47. valentino frangipane

      Noneone Absolute noneone Me: how the hell he have that much Money?

    48. HOT MAMA T.V

      Your so Generous person wish u can come Philippines to help poor pilipino people i am happy so play games and win $

    49. MetalMarioBros

      6:55 🤣🤣🤣

    50. Crazygamerkasten

      Spend all of it on gold then sell the gold

    51. Umashankar Sharma

      Bro I don't need anything but want to come in all your videos .

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      Mr B says expensive it is expensive

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      Mr beast is the best

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      Student : yeeeeees

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    56. Tesco Gamer

      Pls give me only 7 laptop

    57. veronica fields

      I would so love to be in one of these videos

    58. The BlackLov

      Es tan fácil dar dinero allá, yo no encuentro una manera de poder obtener una cantidad de dinero, soy menor pero tengo pensado trabajar, aunque a nadie que lea esto le va a importar... mi mayor sueño es poder ir a visitar a mi novia que esta a 2,741 kilómetros... para eso necesito casi 300 dólares y en argentina no es muy facil que digamos . Pd: dejen un comentario animandome porfa

    59. Mohammadreza Moradi Nur


    60. gaurav x op

      Are you next level bro 😜

    61. babita singh

      you are a god son brother

    62. Enrico Legaspi

      Hoping to play also....

    63. RossLikeABoss912

      550 oz of gold. Thank you sir.

    64. Ghalib Beeb

      What is Carl doing lol 5:40


      I imagine I would be invited in contest


      Come to Nicaragua Mr Beast!!!

    67. Chambon Aquiles

      Jajja ese lechón niño corriendo

    68. Velomania Romania

      The guy with Tesla was awesome. Awesome things Mr Beast 🇷🇴

    69. Harshit Atri

      Mr Beast in 2031: Killing Chris and Surprising his wife with a new one.

    70. WRYBRO'S

      Love it

    71. Sd Lp

      Trash content

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      Mr beast I am also a subscriber 🤣

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      I'll purchase a core i9 12900k

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    79. What the Brick???

      when a teacher says elated, that's how you can tell that they're a teacher lol

    80. Ankush Upadhyay

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    81. Raja Aqib

      I need money very badly if you are real and give such a huge amount to all these

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      Really appreciated 🔥👍️

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      It's actually we Indians who need these type of stuffs for free. Do visit us Mr beast

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    85. Kulato tetseo

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    86. Sonia Wong

      Can I win please even though I'm in Philippines?

    87. Am cool

      Mrbeast is the only multi billionaire that gives stuff instead of keeping ur kindness is unbelievable just unbelievable :0

    88. Blyp Par

      I Wish. Some day You come to phillipines and I can choose all item on shop hahaha.

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      Just message him and see the magic 💯💯💯 he's 💯 legit

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      This epic :0

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      MrBeast I want a car 🚘

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      Awesome man❤️


      I wish I came here to Mexico to do that

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      Love u sir form India 🇮🇳♥

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