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    I cant believe he actually won..
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    1. MrBeast

      Like I said in the video, subscribe if you haven’t already and you could win $10,000!

      1. Daphne Riker

        I've subscribed sorry if I am too late

      2. Gaming with Liam

        I'm from south Africa 🇿🇦

      3. Toast_coconut

        Me please I watch your vids when they come out

      4. Xtreme Gaming

        Can I get the 10,000 please

      5. ratul talukdar

        I already subscribed and that too by paying money 😓

    2. EaRtH wOrM sAlLy

      BROO I love jimmy,Karl and Sapnap

    3. Shanthi Lakshmanan

      he makes amazing vides

    4. Lukaz

      You jebaited sap

    5. Harish S

      4:05 😂

    6. sapiah ali

      is it chris scare jump off at the building

    7. KanuPlays

      Chris fell so sad 😭😭!!

    8. Abdul Rehman Butt

      adam though

    9. rOJAN sHAHI

      Iphone 12 plz

    10. Lili Jackson


    11. Vinayak Sharma

      Jimmy will try to tag you Karl:ok no prob Chris is gonna help him Karl:o fu-

    12. Tiffany Villar


    13. Lili Jackson

      "i aint run in 5 years" lmaooo

    14. dahi gamer tk

      Chris leg got hurt 🙁

    15. LegoBATMANnR0B1N

      At this point I'm just rewatching all of mrbeasts videos

    16. AMuffinHead

      I just noticed the George posters at 5:05 lmaoo

    17. Dzaki Arraid

      inside the newborns rooms in that abonded hospital theres forgotten baby SCP

    18. Roberto0

      The poor cameramen

    19. Neoak 7

      12:20 MrBeast: Why is the sink running? Karl: Because I see you

    20. Jason Vilash

      3:37 Chris trying to do parkour 😎😎😎

    21. Gianne Matthew Falconite

      bruh sapnap sucks if he didnt say where karl and chandler are they couldve win

    22. Embo mcmillan

      You should play tag with me

    23. Kirmit Frog

      Jordan compared to jimmy he is huge

    24. Ashley Nguyen


    25. Kye Gonzalez

      Mrbeast I love your videos

    26. Kye Gonzalez

      Mrbeast check under the stairs at your at before

    27. Alec Daniel Colina

      no offense but at 0:21 ehehehehe meme

    28. Paula Fowers

      Run camera man

    29. curious.maddie

      Man props to Chris, he just ran around and jumped off buildings the whole time

    30. -Weird_Person-

      2:33 Ayo Gogy (Georgenotfound) that you? 🤨

    31. Brian Jordan

      Mrbete mrbeast

    32. Izuku Midoriya

      Sapnap : gets Karl caught Karl after that: ‘because I see you’ saves sapnap

    33. EC Da God

      hi mr beast

    34. VItória Freitas


    35. M Martini 🍸 c


    36. Sniperr

      The cameramen going thru pain 🤣

    37. Gallimimus

      lets all give the camera man some props for keeping up with everybody

    38. NUKE GAMER

      Can you help me for 5k only 😞

    39. Beau Peschardt

      your videos are amazing

    40. Erik Davis

      Other contestants: getting caught and going to jail pretty quietly. Adam getting caught: GOING FREAKING SUPER SAIYAN!

    41. Jianmael Santiago

      Sad Nolan didn’t win again more that a mil lost

    42. Mistermiss

      5:37 nobady: ... nolan: IM UNSTAPABLE

    43. Mistermiss

      this would be sooooo fun i would go on the roof im sooo jealuos

    44. Esteban Lazo

      16:02 simp

    45. Grace Le

      And please can I get a shoutout

    46. Sorcerer Playz

      i love sapnap!!!!!!!!!!!

    47. Idk


    48. Tommy Grant

      mrbeast: why is this sink running karl: cause i see you! 12:20

    49. Markwan Hightower

      Sapnaps in this?

    50. Fernando Reynoso

      Mrbeast can you give us $10,000

    51. Sebastian Alarcon Calero

      WOW i love seeing my idol love your videos jimmy

    52. Carson Edmonds

      If Mitch dodged that it would’ve been sick

    53. A- Games


    54. Gamer V

      Jimmy was so close to sapnap

    55. Mr. beast fan Kerala

      Funny and amwzing

    56. Blakelynn gore

      I saw a black thing in the back of you and Carl

    57. Infinity Knife


    58. mauricio alban

      The super index basically provide because pakistan psychologically sparkle with a cynical banjo. uppity, flagrant trousers

    59. Justin Maine

      Jimmy: thinking he saw Nolan run in here* I SAW U RUN IN HERE! Editor: *He didnt*

    60. SUS Boi

      Respect to Chris he has had surgery, kidney stones, and all that pain and still hasn’t given. ✊🏻respect

    61. Kelis Sisas

      im so sure that Karl knew where sapnap was hiding

    62. BerryGamingYT


    63. xAnder'plays

      Happy 66m

    64. syed jaffry

      zap nap cheated

    65. artjay sai jalapan

      Ahhahahahah its funny


      First time jimmy counted to 1-10 without skipping hahahahah

    67. Dark knight

      When I saw the people getting chased. I was screaming

    68. DJ sportz

      Love your videos MrBeast

    69. Kai

      Rirk is a noob

    70. Fut Terabyte

      Imagine some random guy is just walking down the streets when 4 people suddenly chases him down

    71. marshmellow_man

      16:34 noni!!!

    72. Candelario Castro

      Karl found sapnap and didn't tag him

    73. DinoBoyPlay

      Jimmy looked so confused when Adam was screaming XD

    74. Sarkis Koliana

      Can u do pt

    75. GamerBrainMike

      4:07 🤣🤣🤣

    76. justine sembrano

      3:33 R.I.P chirst

    77. HOT MAMA T.V

      SINGLE Mom From Philippines with 3kids

      1. Marin


    78. The True Robloxian

      Wow he betrayed karl

    79. HOT MAMA T.V

      Run for win hahaha i am so much fun watching with tou guy's..be safe And i dl subscribe all your channel and watching all videos idol

    80. R.D yesterday1982@gmail.com yesterday

      Sapnap is soo lucky jimmy ganna bi looking the bonton in the sraits

    81. Jennifer Hargrove

      does rick have a channel?

    82. Thị Nia Đỗ

      RIP CRIS.

    83. ujjwal poudel

      Lots of love from nepal 🙂♥️ wana meet u 🥺

    84. Rich heart


    85. Sheldon Montfort


    86. 𝙲𝚛𝚒𝚜 𝚃𝚒𝚗𝚎シ︎

      I feel pity for the camera man XD

    87. Logn4gh plays tds

      Poor Chirs.

    88. Marlon DeTorres

      The knowledgeable william clearly listen because snowstorm especially queue minus a materialistic submarine. kind, terrific decimal

    89. 早安早安


    90. Michael Playz


    91. Anayen Pérez

      I love you ms beast

    92. Shades Of Grey

      Ricks name needs to be rick roll

    93. Rangerwolf's Fishing


    94. Bảo Nguyễn

      Karl is kinda handsome ngl

    95. Eason Lee


    96. Kate Hall

      3:36 that’s gotta hurt

    97. Liam Lam

      Yes yes yes I did I am your biggest fan 🤩

    98. Goku

      3:35 I died here 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    99. FartingUnicorn 69

      If you ever feel dumb just remember that Jordan left the bathroom

    100. Abigail S

      Me watching this last year: Who the heck is this Sapnap guy??