$300,000 Influencer Trivia Tournament!


43 mln. weergaven57 000

    A trivia elimination tournament to see who is the smartest creator in the world! Last one standing receives $300,000 to give to their subscribers.

    Addison Rae vs. GeorgeNotFound
    KSI vs. Rosanna Pansino
    Mark Rober vs. Gibi
    Safiya Nygaard vs. Kwebbelkop
    Charli & Dixie D'Amelio vs. Preston Arsement
    Yes Theory vs. Bretman Rock
    Typical Gamer vs. Lexi Rivera
    Dream vs. MatPat & Steph
    Alex Warren vs. Lazarbeam
    Matt Stonie vs. Marques Brownlee
    Laurenzside vs. ZHC
    Swoozie vs. Jaiden Animations

    Gepubliceerd op 9 maanden geleden


    1. MrBeast

      I’m glad you all enjoyed the event! To everyone saying things were unfair because I let multiple people compete on one team, tbh this was for fun and to bring the community together! Don’t overthink things and please be nice :)))

      1. Jacksup

        I want laserbeam in the pol

      2. Liano Dì Caprio

        ZHC have you A tesla IPhone Maybe even a friking house

      3. Kyle McCracken

        👁👄👁 So funny

      4. Reese Fisher


      5. Fey Labadiary

        Matt and Steph cheated

    2. Louie Gayla

      Wait kop

    3. taha

      damelios cheated

    4. Noah Hughes

      It shoulda been lazar

    5. foren kelle

      Am I the only one that's interested to know how the d'amelios gave their fans the money

    6. Brent Scott

      The only reason the demelios won any is because the is four of them

    7. Storm.


    8. Alex gamer

      Why Charlie 😞😞😞😞

    9. Dario Nicolas

      12:06 mi names jeff

    10. Bacon Boys

      I’m suprised mark didnt even pass the first round.

    11. Aesthetic Things

      No cuz I still can’t get over Charli’s time :/

    12. Dario Nicolas

      12:6 mi names jeff

    13. the bros


    14. nick jeffrson

      where badless chugs at bro

    15. HS Plays

      I hat the d’maleos

    16. Earl Patatin

      Kwebbelkop is smart

    17. Ezra Layman

      i want to see poke

    18. Suhana Shishodia

      Since when is 8 smaller than 7? For last people in round one it’s was closest and 20 is further away to 12 than 5 is to 12

    19. Natalie Rhone


      1. Natalie Rhone

        Very swag

    20. MareGTZ

      6:19 ASIA? BROOOO

    21. senderdude

      The oldest person on earth is 969

    22. *Angry octopus*

      I thought there was over 900 Pokemon (yes I play Pokemon)


      ZHC lost 300k because he didnt know pizza

    24. Esha Patoliya

      Huge respect to Mr. Beast✨✨🎊🎊

    25. Carly Vardon

      The one with ZHC actually there a jellyfish that has infinite rebirths!

    26. James Rollins

      Roblox gang

    27. Torpedo _Donut

      there are no links in the description-

    28. Choks

      You turned Denmark on the head

    29. blackk25

      Anyone could have won but the but those so called celebs

    30. Jane Hibbitt

      Fu charily

    31. ToxicNinja

      damelios cheated theres 5 boy them and its easier to answer

    32. Native Gamer

      No way I guessed youngest doctor

    33. HOT MAMA T.V

      I love you Mrbeats

    34. Bingus Beloved

      i think the dimelios dont win because it was 4 people

    35. This is my reply →

      FunFact: You're here from the Google Play Store

    36. Rags The Couch

      The 2 titans I would invite if i were Jimmy would be MoistCr1tikal and CallMeCarson.

    37. fshboi

      the damelios only won because there were 4 lets be real

    38. PRO GAMER

      Actually jaiden is correct I am the tallest human in America because I 6 feet

    39. • toast •

      I never expected LaurenZside to be in this!

    40. everday gamer

      Ooh, the demilios just out here winning bcuz they had 4 brains real fair

    41. Easton Buium


    42. Oli Mabbott

      On the pie they had 236 there is no 3 in pie

    43. berto corleone

      The nostalgic bamboo summatively succeed because sled behaviorally connect over a slow ground. alive, sparkling stamp

    44. zonnau

      hilarious how the Damelios needed mommy & daddy to win rofl.

    45. Charli - TikToks

      cmon Zach! PIZZA! 12” AVERAGE! ZACH!!!! *12 inch pizza rn that wanted Zach to win: 😢*

    46. amaia ig

      My favourite country is Asia

    47. Chris Hsieh

      You can do possum or pronounce it with an o and say O - Possum. The possum is from Australia and the opossum us from the Americas.

    48. AngryOnion

      Dweam *-*

    49. Casey Evans

      Mrbeast plz give away money to me

    50. Pravin Ambolkar

      Good times with scar timelapse song

    51. Riz Tipz

      I mean the damelios have 4 ppl. i would make it just to be alone

    52. Silas Stab

      Denmark gang

    53. Aistė Merkeliūnaitė

      Where is Sssniperwolf?

    54. Cloudy x Dreamz

      they already have enough money...i honestly think they didn't deserve it since they cheated...

    55. MELBUZZ

      Come to KERALA please

    56. 4TUNATE

      6:00 i Would have Won That One cause im from Denmark

    57. Salman Ashraf

      if vikkstar123 was here, he would have sweeped it

    58. vernun boi ✔


    59. Koen Verlaat

      How smal ar amaracas i am 12 and 6 feet

    60. PaNdArOx vitio

      France !!

    61. Bad Guy

      I wish funneh was their

    62. Beterboter PoPz

      207 at the morning, hehe

    63. Lily Cuellar

      You should’ve asked Lauren the bread Related questions

    64. ROWAN`s games

      Jordi geusts the is the most used word and got it right but Jordi lives in Amsterdam in the Netherlands he's dutch

    65. Prysmarin YT

      I’m very disappointed

    66. unknown

      Jimmy ❤️💞💕💖

    67. Heather Warren


    68. Mason davis

      Nah stupid. They shouldn’t have won. 4 people vs at most 2.

    69. hamza mousa

      I think the damelios cheated one of the adults maybe searched and cheated

    70. Miłosz Król

      Graf he soo inteligent he knows all flag on planet and he from Polend

    71. DUMPLING

      I want laser beam to win

    72. Zenna

      Damelios suck

    73. Veljko Mitic

      6:10 american moment.

    74. BRO GAMER 555

      No lebon

    75. William phillips

      If it was Bristol or martinsville they would have gotten it correct For NASCAR

    76. alaa alwaeli

      The d’amelio’s cheated-

    77. Artur Kostetzer

      Sorry but 5 billion is closer to 12 billion than 20 billion?

    78. Maria Tariq

      You can see easter island in the movie hop

    79. Saiyan Gaming

      This sums tiktokers have no brain unless there whole family helps them

    80. 43d4n f

      Should have named this “How dumb are influencers” And gave them harder questions, would have been way more entertaining to watch them all look stupid.

    81. Hard999 FF

      Lexi Cheated lexi had a airpods but still loss to typical😂😂😂😂😂

    82. April Owen

      I am angry he put Denmark 🇩🇰 upside down :(

    83. Fiona Costa

      Jimmy: What country is This? *shows denmark backwords* Me from denmark: wth is that

    84. TSoftie_Xxx

      Luv ur vids

    85. Ultra Plasma Gaming

      Typical gamer mat pat and lazer beam for the win

    86. Ghost glitches

      I wish tpyicalgamer wins man

    87. kxi

      No,I don’t believe those four family members winning,a rematch.. where no calculators,no searching up,and no extra members,just the most iconic person amongst their crew.

    88. Nani House

      Mr beast can u play Roblox plz!!!

    89. The Monkye

      Charlie Charlie kontroll ur sunshine The Body shamed tommy

    90. Ramosss

      btw guys the damelios didn't keep the money, they gave money every day of the month on january

    91. Dhruv Saraswat

      The pythagorean theorem is wronggg

    92. Akshit

      Imagine if technoblade was in this!!!!

    93. NicoDaNerd999

      ZHC deserved to win tbh

    94. Brandi Goodly


    95. Mr—Othman23 عثمان


    96. Lewis Stairmand

      Anyone else notice that 5billion is closer to 12 billion than 20 billion is

    97. Viltė Zaborskytė

      i dont know how but i had a gut feling that nintendo started in 1889

    98. Lilmill Gaming

      If the damelios got their whole family the should have all sat in-front of the camera


      I knew the answer to what did chandler name that island because that’s one of my favorite videos u have created I even said Jeff before the timer was up

    100. Nailah Almohaisen